Redzone Maps

Project Description

Red Zone is the world’s only navigation app that provides travelers with location-based crime data sourcing from government agencies coupled with first-hand reports by a community of active users.

The crime-sourcing feature enables the user to report the occurrences of thefts, assaults, and shootings among other incidents or public safety concerns actively. While prevailing road conditions such as traffic, accidents, and closures may be reported using Red Zone. Red zone aims to keep Zoners out of harm’s way by offering Safe or Risky Route choices to a given destination. RedZones are areas experiencing an abundance of dangerous activity in a short period. If a Zoner approaches a RedZone, an alert is provided.

Among Red Zone’s features:
• Pinned locations of government-sourced crime incidents.
• Two types of navigation choices: Safe Route or Risky Route.
• Turn-by-turn voice guided navigation.
• Real-time maps maintained and updated by RedZone, and it’s users.
• User route history for quick-choice navigation.
• Zoner reported crime alerts that include shootings, theft, assaults, vandalism, crisis, suspicious activity, and more.
• Zoner reported road alerts that​ include, traffic, accidents, police traps, and more.
• Receive alerts of crime incidents in a given proximity.
• Appreciate or Comment on reported incidents
• Upload pictures or videos of reported incidents

Project Details