Project Description

In comparison to other opportunistic platforms, Chik-chak feeds directly off of the hotel industries worst revenue management habits. Hotels attempt to achieve multilayered revenue expectations based on properties’ budgets. Chik-chak loads early all of the top rates and holds onto them past the early demand curve.  Chik-chak constantly pings our rates in the customers pot-booking window, where the pricing curve frequently lowers based on intrinsic factors such as booking demand and the hotels occupancy or vacancy percentage. All of this occurs while fighting an-ever growing awareness on the premise that better rates happen later, not sooner. Chik-chak compares a guest’s booked prepaid rate to any available rate offered for your type of reservation through the Expedia Affiliate Network. So should the property ever reduce a rate prior to arrival, then that rate is now the new rate of the participating reservation by a rebooking process handled by chik-chak.

Project Details