Media & Navigation

A. Navigation

Most computerized navigation systems are comprised of three layers:

  1. Routes calculation engine
  2. Turn-by-turn navigation instructions
  3. Visual mapping

We specialize in developing custom Turn-by-turn navigation applications that interface with external open-source or for pay routes engines (OSRM, TomTom, Apple) and visual mapping providers (Apple, OSM and others).

Project example:

Red Zone – Custom navigation solution integrated with Apple and OSRM navigation engines


B. Media

The use of digital media is constantly growing at a rapid pace.

We provide multinational conglomerates as well as startup companies with various technological solutions for handling and delivery of media. Among them are:

  1. Management system for orchestration of video broadcast across multiple systems
  2. Mobile applications for showing mobile friendly versions of long videos
  3. Capturing and analyzing of data from media, whether from text, audio or video by using technologies such as OCR, speech-to-text, etc.
  4. Dynamically created documents including media elements